Friday, 27 May 2011

Accio! Depulso!
After reading and watching Harry Potter, I have always secretly dreamed of one day having access to Hogwart's magical library, and from the comfort of my room (or anywhere for that matter) being able to use the summoning and banishing charms of "Accio storybook!" and "Depulso storybook!" to get and return my books.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Frog juice to help lions?
A Korean friend, M, has always attributed his amazing stamina to the Korean ginseng slices he regularly takes. And so it has become a running joke that his idol and fellow countryman, Manchester United midfielder Park Ji-Sung shares the same secret to success.

"Too many mind"
I just finished watching The Last Samurai on HBO. Seven in the morning was perhaps a little too early for any television, which was why the absurdity of the extreme Hollywood whitewashing in the show rankled more than it should have.

Even then, one part in the movie struck me.

"Too many mind (sic)": spoken so very earnestly by Nobutada to Algren. Although it was in a totally different time and context, it is still startlingly applicable to everything else. We are so often multi-tasking, or of "too many minds". Have you ever thought you could have done something better if you hadn't been doing or thinking of something else at the same time?

Strangely enough, the show also left me with a craving for some steaming hot miso soup. Talk about too many minds indeed.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Amazing shortcut skin
I always enjoy poring over smart little gadgets that help make life so much easier.

For example, I'm halfway through a personal project using Adobe Photoshop and eyeing this keyboard skin that shows every shortcut key available on the program. It is even compatible with Final Cut Pro and After Effects!

I wonder how much time we would have saved if we had these back when we were slaving over our multimedia productions. 

It's like a cheat sheet, only perfectly legal. Genius!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Oh happy day

Gloria Lee

I'm a very happy, eager and excited bird now. I just did what possibly is the most impulsive thing in my life (at least at this point I think so)...

New favicon

Gloria Lee

Have you noticed the brand new favicon yet? It is that small image beside the url on the address bar,  also known as a bookmark icon or shortcut icon. I love how it makes a website look so unique.

The actual size is only 16x16 pixels (look at the address bar!), which explains why it looks so pixelated enlarged here.

It's really easy to customize your own, simply follow instructions here.

Getaway: Krabi

Gloria Lee

Have you been to Krabi, or are planning a trip there?

When I booked the air tickets, the return air ticket I chose was eight days later. Everyone in the know was stunned, because from the Singapore point of view (Thailand is so near!), Krabi is only good for a three or four-day getaway. 

The real reason for spending eight days there was because the tickets in between cost at least S$150 more per person, and we (okay, I) figured that instead of paying a premium price for the ticket, I would rather spend the money on our holiday. Makes sense right? And now, I can proudly say that the next time I go Krabi, I would gladly spend another week or more there. 

Monday, 23 May 2011

Half-empty or half-full?

Just yesterday, I was out with my friend T, buying some snacks. He grabbed a jumbo bag of chips and dangled it in front of me, only to hear "Wow, such a big bag but it's half empty with air." To which he promptly countered: "Ha, so negative. It's half full, not half empty!"

But there was some truth to what T had said, and it set me thinking. There has indeed been more negativity in my life lately than I would have liked. I promise to try harder (keeping fingers crossed here!) to be more positive. On my next trip to the grocery store, get ready to hear me yell "Oh my gosh, it's half full!"

How about you? Are you a half-empty or half-full kind of person?

It's all in the details

It is amazing how many hours it takes to smooth out the minutiae - simple details like font, alignment and colour that others may not even notice. Are you a perfectionist that way too?

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Gossamer love

Vera Wang

"Gossamer" and "love": a poignant marriage of two of the most beautiful words in the English language - words that are worlds apart in their conceptual definitions yet yield a pairing that is seamlessly perfect. What do you think?
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