Friday, 27 May 2011

Accio! Depulso!
After reading and watching Harry Potter, I have always secretly dreamed of one day having access to Hogwart's magical library, and from the comfort of my room (or anywhere for that matter) being able to use the summoning and banishing charms of "Accio storybook!" and "Depulso storybook!" to get and return my books.

I have always loved reading, but try to stay away from libraries because I never ever seem to be able to return borrowed books by the due date.

As many of my friends know, I read very fast and voraciously, so once I have those paperbacks on hand, it means I can't resist stopping till I finish devouring every single one of them. And I usually take only one or two days when the due date is (two, three weeks later?) , so the books are left forgotten until the overdue notice comes in the post.

I'm horrible, I know. Looking on the bright side, you can say that I've done more than my fair share in helping the National Library Board buy new books. Not good for my pocket though. My haul today was six books. Expect them to be done within two days, and a horrendous library fine to follow.

Also, there's so much information available on the net now (from e-books that you can download to read on your iPhone  or other mobile devices..the list is inexhaustible) that we seem to hardly even need to go to the library any more.

For now, I'll gladly succumb to the luxury of curling up in bed with my novels and tidbits to munch on. Doesn't take much to make me happy!

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