Thursday, 26 May 2011

Frog juice to help lions?
A Korean friend, M, has always attributed his amazing stamina to the Korean ginseng slices he regularly takes. And so it has become a running joke that his idol and fellow countryman, Manchester United midfielder Park Ji-Sung shares the same secret to success.

However, a recent news article has chalked Park's unbeatable form and good health up to his consumption of frog juice(!) when he was younger (and by his own account also skinny and weak). He admits the drink was foul-tasting, but he would have done - and did - anything to fulfil his dream of becoming a better footballer. That's walking the talk.

To what extent would you go to realize your lifelong dream(s)?

On another note, the Football Association of Singapore could take a leaf out of Park's book and force-feed all S-League players with frog juice. After all, they've even gone to the extent of disbanding the team in an attempt to refresh the local football scene. What's there to lose over drinking a little frog juice that could result in a future Champions League final of Barcelona vs The Lions or Liverpool vs The Lions? Although the most likely showdown conclusion will be Barcelona vs Liverpool - a show that will be two years in the making because Liverpool has graciously decided to sit next year's fracas out - must give others a chance, no?

But frog juice or not, don't bet against Barcelona this Saturday. You have been warned.

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