Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Getaway: Krabi

Gloria Lee

Have you been to Krabi, or are planning a trip there?

When I booked the air tickets, the return air ticket I chose was eight days later. Everyone in the know was stunned, because from the Singapore point of view (Thailand is so near!), Krabi is only good for a three or four-day getaway. 

The real reason for spending eight days there was because the tickets in between cost at least S$150 more per person, and we (okay, I) figured that instead of paying a premium price for the ticket, I would rather spend the money on our holiday. Makes sense right? And now, I can proudly say that the next time I go Krabi, I would gladly spend another week or more there. 

Some things I loved about the holiday:
  1. Watching the sunrise from inside the airplane
  2. Eating ice lollies on beautiful white sandy beaches
  3. Snorkelling in clear water (it was my first time and I loved it!)
  4. Waters so clear that you could be neck-deep in the sea and still see what's at your feet
  5. Romantic dinners by the seaside (food in general was fantastic)
  6. Tuk-tuk rides
  7. Endless walks by the beach
  8. Island hopping via speedboats and longtail boats
  9. Lovely hotel rooms perfect for when you are lazy to brave the heat or sleeping in after amazing Thai massages
  10. Monopoly Deal games at the airport and by the poolside
  11. Amazing sunsets that I couldn't stop taking photos of
  12. Tossing bread chunks to swarms of pretty blue and yellow angelfish while perched atop the boat
  13. Welcome drinks and refreshing cold towels you get upon hotel check-in (I still dream about the sensationally sweet pineapple that is freely available in Krabi)
I can't wait for my next holiday!


  1. I'm going to Krabi too with Ed this coming August! (:

    but only three days ):


  2. Many many things to do in Krabi - everything except shopping. You'll have so much fun! Can always ask me if you have questions (:


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