Thursday, 26 May 2011

"Too many mind"
I just finished watching The Last Samurai on HBO. Seven in the morning was perhaps a little too early for any television, which was why the absurdity of the extreme Hollywood whitewashing in the show rankled more than it should have.

Even then, one part in the movie struck me.

"Too many mind (sic)": spoken so very earnestly by Nobutada to Algren. Although it was in a totally different time and context, it is still startlingly applicable to everything else. We are so often multi-tasking, or of "too many minds". Have you ever thought you could have done something better if you hadn't been doing or thinking of something else at the same time?

Strangely enough, the show also left me with a craving for some steaming hot miso soup. Talk about too many minds indeed.

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