Monday, 13 June 2011

Firstly, I must apologize for my unanticipated two-week hiatus. I returned to Singapore only yesterday, having been out of town for the duration this space has been left unattended.

I did not leave any message for my absence because I was fully expecting to have complete and unobstructed Internet access as and when I wanted or needed it.

But no. And I found a cartoon (above) that perfectly explains what I went through: Denial - a stubborn refusal to see that no matter how many times I tried to connect to the wireless network, it simply would not connect. Then came anger, the "Damn it! I lugged my laptop all this way for nothing! How do you expect me to check my email, blog, chat with friends, whatsapp, stream movies and everything else?" through gritted teeth. The next stage of bargaining was not really applicable. Rather, it was more of pleading - "Can't you repair this? Please? Find someone? Ask anyone!" When that too failed, a brief period of depression followed: woeful sighs, frustrated shakes of the head, some moping even. Finally came acceptance - "Whatever! I'm sure I can find something else to do."

After a while, it actually felt good to be disconnected. It meant I had more time to do other things. Like eat, eat and eat, shop, talk, kayak, sit by the beach and watch the sun set, play with a lovely dog named Olivia, watch movies (X-Men: First Class and Kungfu Panda 2) in the cinema, watch the amazing showdown of the French Open tennis finals between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Although I must confess the moment I crossed Singapore customs and had a 3G connection on my phone, I didn't waste any time taking full advantage of it.

P/S:  Remember my last post? I actually remembered to return my library books today - a whole day before the due date. Yay to no overdue fines!

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