Monday, 27 June 2011

Mad Gab

Gloria Lee
Gloria Lee
Have you ever heard of the game called Mad Gab? I've been newly introduced to the game and found it very interesting. Essentially, Mad Gab plays like an adapted version of Hangman, where players have to guess the word(s) - just apparently easier, because the "answer" is actually visible to the players.

But there's a catch - the actual words are actually substituted with approximate pronunciations, leaving it up to the players to be creative in their interpretation.

Take the photos above for example. The one above shows the card with "Dozen May Kenny Cents Tomb He". The correct interpretation is: "Doesn't make any sense to me". Indeed. But the wild guesses while the players try to pronounce the words in different combinations and accents make the game hilarious and worth more than a couple of hours of good fun. And to think that we initially dismissed Mad Gab in preference of other games like Twister, Truth or Dare Poker and Monopoly Deal!

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