Thursday, 30 June 2011

Meet Jessy

Gloria Lee
Meet Jessy. She's my boyfriend's nine-year-old shihtzu (one of his three dogs), and the cutest thing ever. Now, I've always been more partial to larger dogs (think: labrador, golden retriever, alaskan husky), but you can see why Jessie is an exception.

Sometimes she drives us mad with her barking. If you've heard her, you'll know it's super loud and shrill, extremely disproportionate for her size. But on a good day, she's the most friendly and affectionate creature you'll ever meet.

Jessy loves to eat, and is a hyperactive bundle of fur. In fact, she looks a little grumpy in this photo because she doesn't like to be held down (half the photos taken of her are blurred because she can't stop wriggling). We tend to spoil her - she sleeps on the bed with us, and can't help smiling when we scratch her belly while she stretches full out.

Interestingly, she's also the best remedy when you're in a bad mood. Look at her rolling around on the sheets and you can't help but smile!

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