Thursday, 7 July 2011

Bedok 85 due for renovation

Gloria Lee
It's an open secret that Singapore's well-loved Bedok 85 food market is due for renovation this September. Sources say it will be closed for up to two years. That is why many have been making their way there to eat at the slightest excuse. After all, the sambal stingray, barqueued chicken wings, ba chor mee (or minced meat noodles) are only a few of the local delicacies Bedok 85 is so famous for.

On a side note, I was there just a few days ago. As B was pulling into the carpark, someone asked, "No need for parking coupons today?" B said, "Nope, it's Sunday." (Usually, Sundays mean free parking at public carparks.) He hadn't even finished the sentence when we were in full view of no less than three parking attendants there to punish errant drivers. That's B resignedly tearing the tabs off the parking coupons above.

On another irrelevant note, check out these parking coupons used in Miri, Northern Sarawak, Malaysia. They are scratch-its, like some lottery tickets. Cool huh.
Gloria Lee
Update: Bedok 85 will be closed in February 2012 for a year. 

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