Saturday, 23 July 2011

A eulogy to B
My friend had a feline companion named B, who looked very similar to the one in the picture above. She has had B for a very, very long time. When my friend's boyfriend proposed to her, he included a special feline treat for B. That's how much B was a part of the family.

But B was an old cat, and had suffered from kidney problems for some time. Everyday, my friend had to administer injections and bring B for kidney dialysis sessions. In addition, B could only eat a special diet prescribed by the vet, and even that had to be mashed up for his easy consumption. B had also lost his appetite because of his condition - so to get him to eat, it meant my friend had to patiently follow B around during meal times with the cat bowl in hand. You can clearly see the amount of love that went into his care.

A few days ago, B fell more seriously ill and there was no choice but to put him to sleep. The age-old euthanasia debate aside, everything that can possibly be said now simply seems inadequate in the face of the inconsolable pain felt by B's owners.

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