Monday, 18 July 2011

Harris Resort - the last resort (pun intended!)

Gloria Lee
The photo above was the view from our seats on the ferry back to Singapore (from Batam). I've never been so glad to see the Singapore skyline. This was hands down, the worst holiday trip of my life.

Harris Resort (the hotel we stayed in) came highly recommended to us. But our own verdict: Don't stay there if you want good memories of your holiday. 

I just wrote the following email to the hotel.
My friends and I went to Harris Resort (Waterfront City, Batam) for a 3D2N stay from 13-15 July. This email details how one of your hotel staff tried to cheat us.
 On the last night of our stay, we ordered KFC Delivery. We called the concierge and requested for a call when our order came so we could collect it from the lobby. Five minutes later, we received a call from one of your staff named Reza at the reception desk. Reza said that KFC had called him, stating an increase in our bill (from R.P. 128,000 to S$40) because the distance was too far. This new amount was more than double the bill, which in itself was exorbitant. Furthermore, it was toward the end of our stay, and we did not have enough cash. After some discussion over the phone, Reza slashed the price down to S$23 (without consulting anyone). This was when we started to suspect this entire situation might have nothing got to do with KFC after all. 
 Barely another five minutes later, Reza called again. This time he told us that R.P. 276,000 was the final price KFC had decided on. We tried to cancel our order, but he said it was not possible because the delivery guy was already on the way. At this point, we went down to the reception desk to talk to him in person. There, we requested that he call the KFC delivery hotline so we could talk to the manager. He refused to make the call, repeating that there was no point since the delivery guy was already on his way. Finally, we told him we would wait at the lobby for the delivery to come, and hear what the delivery guy had to say. Our order came, and the bill was R.P. 128,000. We realized it was Reza’s doing. He did not even bother to apologize for his role in the situation.
It is ridiculous that one of your hotel staff tried to cheat us of our money. Not to mention that the bad experience ruined our holiday and left us with a very bad impression of Harris Hotels and Batam.
Of course, there were highlights of the trip, but they had absolutely nothing to do with Harris Resort. Honestly, for any future trips to Batam, Harris Resort would be a last resort - and maybe not even then.

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