Monday, 11 July 2011


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Singapore's National Day is just around the corner, and you've probably heard of this year's 'fun pack Song' - an attempt to introduce the fun pack given out to ticket holders at the National Day Parade. You should have. It's made for so many embarrassing headlines around the world. Extreme PR disaster, if ever there was one.

The lyrics of the cringe-worthy fun pack song, for want of a better name, are penned to the melody of Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance'. When Lady Gaga was first asked for her take on the song, she refused to comment. But in a subsequent press interview, she said the lyrics were "great". Of course, she's being rather gracious and diplomatic about it.

But honestly, with disgraceful lyrics like "You know that I want you, you know that I need you, I want a wet, wet tissue / I want Newater and I want a cold drink, you and me, let's share a bit / Kopi -O o o o o o o o, Time for the fun pack song / Kopi -O o o o o o o o, We like the fun pack song", the only word that even comes close to describing the song is 'inane'.

If you haven't heard it, or wish to hear it, you can watch the video here. But given the legal implications (because the NDP committee did not have adaptation rights to perform the song), do note that the video might be taken down soon.

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