Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Troublemakers at soccer matches
Did you read the news about the Manchester United fan who donned a Rooney #10 jersey to a Liverpool training session in Malaysia? He's lucky to have escaped unscathed. I had an uncanny sense of déjà vu when I watched the video of the incident.

When Liverpool came to Singapore on tour in 2009, I went to watch the match, and there was also a Manchester United fan who not only wore an Owen jersey to the match, but was also waving around a replica Premier League trophy (Manchester United had just won it then). He was also similarly jeered and booed - tensions ran a bit high before the troublemaker was eventually escorted away by the police.

Seriously juvenile behaviour. Paying good money to get into the stadium only to embarrass themselves and spoil everyone else's day. No wonder they call them the red devils. Time to get a life, yo.

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