Saturday, 30 July 2011

Why ear candling may not be a good idea
I've gone for a ear candling spa session only once, during my unfortunate trip to Batam. Mostly because I was curious, and also partly because there was a whole host of benefits listed (aids sinusitis, improves hearing etc) so I thought I'd give it a try.

I had a rather incompetent masseuse, she was noticeably younger than the rest and had a curt manner about her. But that aside, what happened was:

  1. You are asked to lie on your side.
  2. The 'candle' (which really looks like a piece of paper all rolled up) is inserted through a collecting plate to fit snugly into your ear canal. 
  3. The 'candle' is lit and as the wick burns down, the masseuse is supposed to gently rub the side of your ear and your head (mine didn't). The crackling of the wick burning is oddly comforting, though it really sounds like what it is - fire. I remember wondering throughout the entire process whether the ash would tip off and burn me.
  4. After the 'candle' burns out, the masseuse is supposed to clean your ear with a cotton swab (once again, mine didn't).
  5. The masseuse will then snip off the end of the 'candle' and show you the wax that was collected from the process (well, mine didn't as well).
But the amazing thing was - all of us didn't feel any difference at all before and after the ear candling session. We didn't feel any of the prescribed health benefits either. And this article explains why ear candling is both ineffective and not a good idea.

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