Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Wisdom toothless

Gloria Lee
I extracted one of my wisdom teeth today. It was a horrible experience. Through no fault of the doc, who was good and kind and patient with me.

The worst part of removing your wisdom tooth is the noise made by the drill when it's drilling into the tooth. You know all that drilling you hear at construction sites? Multiply that thousandfold. It's right inside your head reverberating through every pore of your body and makes you want to scream "shut up already!" Now, I've never been very squeamish about seeing the dentist, but this time my fist was clenched throughout the entire visit. Didn't help that my wisdom tooth was buried and had a curved root, which meant more drilling. It really felt like forever. Fortunately, there was no pain during the actual procedure - I think a ton of local anaesthetic was used, because I was rather woozy after it all.

The photo above was taken immediately after the tooth was pulled. It's three times more swollen now - it looks like I'm sucking a sweet at one side of my mouth. I've swallowed so much of my own blood (from the wound) that I feel nauseous. Yuck.

Gloria Lee

And to think it was a rather impromptu decision - I was at the orthodontist's getting a checkup when the doc told me I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled, and asked me when I wanted it to be done. After hearing that school would be starting in two weeks, he said, "Why don't you go have a good lunch first and come back in two hours for the op." That was it.

And you can see the photo of the bloody (pun intended!) tooth above. It's gigantic! No wonder the wound hurts like hell now. One down, three more to go...small consolation. 

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