Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Apple richer than Uncle Sam
It's official. The United States of America is poorer than Apple, and if that's not enough, Bill Gates too has more cash on hand than the USA. Ouch. I guess Obama has been thanking all his lucky stars that the next presidential election is still some time away at the end of next year.

One could always enter into a lengthy debate over whether it was Obama's less than competent handling of America's debt ceiling,  Steve Job's sterling stewardship of Apple, or Bill Gate's steady amassing of personal wealth through all his successful business endeavours that has led to the unfavourable (or favourable, depending on whose point of view you're taking it from) comparison of balance sheets. But then again, what point would it serve? After all, the financial impact is surely going to make itself felt.

Oh, and it seems that Google is next in line to usurp Uncle Sam.

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