Thursday, 18 August 2011

Barcelona lifts Super Cup
The Super Cup finals between Barcelona and Real Madrid has ended. Barcelona won, of course. No surprise there, though I must say Real Madrid is displaying better form than last season.

It was an exciting match, even with things turning rowdy right at the end. Showdowns between these two Spanish giants have a tendency to end in drama. That tempers ran high was no shock since Pepe had been committing fouls throughout the entire match. The catalyst was a lousy and unnecessary tackle on Fabregas by Marcelo in injury time - he deserved the straight red. Then all hell broke loose. For some unknown reason, Ozil became really agitated (it was a fair call by the referee, so it must have been something else). Then Mourinho went to poke an official on the Barcelona side - like what the hell. Everyone was shoving and shouting at everyone else. The referee was flashing red cards left, right and centre - Marcelo, Ozil and Villa got red carded (the latter two had both already been subbed out!), although Villa didn't do anything as far as the camera showed.

9 yellow cards and 3 red cards - exactly two thirds of which were earned by the Real Madrid side. They can be rather sore losers. Whatever happened to sportsmanship? I really hate it when I stay up to watch a Spanish match (they're always at ungodly hours of 4 or 5a.m.), and have to watch such scenes. Other than that, Fabregas played well - a title in his debut match is definitely a golden start. And Messi. I love Messi. Talented player and straight as an arrow. He is hands down my favourite player, and even though the headline "Messi wins Super Cup" is definitely true with his 2 goals and 1 assist, it is after all a team game. "Barcelona wins Super Cup" would have been more appropriate, I think.

Looking forward to another great season ahead for Barcelona!

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