Friday, 12 August 2011

A happy bite

Gloria Lee

I have a 'Happy' bite. Literally. Happy is Jaden's not-so-mini schnauzer. He has a history of biting people, and I was an unwitting victim. Luckily, Happy's canine teeth were filed down, else the wound would have been much worse. 

Jaden's mom helped me to apply this penicillin ointment, saying it was very effective. After she did so, I casually looked at the box and the expiry date jumped out at me. The ointment had expired in 1989 - 22 YEARS AGO!!!! My jaw totally dropped and I expected the worst, haha. But apparently I've not suffered any ill effects from it. In fact, the wound hurts much less than I expected it to. But still, omg!

Gloria Lee

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