Friday, 19 August 2011

Summon Auntie iPhone App

I couldn't stop smiling when I first saw the 'Summon Auntie' app in the Apple app store. For non-Singaporeans, 'summons' (pronounced saa-marns in Singlish) are the infamous penalties issued for parking offenses in Singapore. This app functions as a warning service to the local driving community. I had fun LOL-ing at the lamentation "Summon auntie y u no pang chance" (see top photo), which translates to "Traffic attendant, why don't you give me a chance?"

The creators of this ingenious app are: "A team of mobile and web developers who also happen to be daily drivers who happen to always kena summon. Instead of just complaining when we kena summon, we decided to do something about it!"

There are four main features of the app as described in the website.

1. Park. Once you have parked your vehicle, please remember to tear and display your coupons correctly. Launch SummonAunt App and tap on "Park". This locks your vehicle location and our robust system will send you a notification once a Summon Auntie have been spotted near your vehicle.

2. Alert. This is the holy grail of all our features. When you spot a Summon Auntie doing her rounds, immediately whip out your cool iPhone, launch SummonAunt and tap on "Alert". This sends out an alert notification to all drivers who have “parked” their car within 200 metres (+/-) of your location.

3. Kena. In the unfortunate event that you fall victim to our relentless Summon Aunties, you can still launch our iPhone app and tap on “kena“, select the type of parking offence received and you can share it on Facebook to let your friends know that you have just contributed to the Nation Building Funds! They might be generous enough to treat you a cuppa kopi-o.

4. Alert History. When you drive into a carpark and have just parked your vehicle, and is deciding on the time to display on your coupon, launch SummonAunt app and tab “Alert History”, you will then see the times when Summon Aunties have been spotted in your vicinity, you then have to use your judgement to decide on the time to display on coupon. If Summon Aunties have been spotted like 10 minutes ago, please please please do display a coupon correctly because they will be prowling back like a hungry hyena.

One of the coolest and most functional apps ever!

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