Saturday, 24 September 2011

Dream Machine

J is a very deep sleeper, and it's almost impossible to wake him up once he falls asleep. There was once he took a nap on the bed while I was on the computer. The air-conditioning was at full blast, so I trotted over to make sure he had enough blanket. He suddenly said "Pong! I think it's your turn now."I froze for a moment, then started giggling uncontrollably. If you couldn't tell, he was playing mahjong in his dreams. I couldn't resist continuing the conversation - who wouldn't? It resulted in a very hilarious ten minute "dialogue", all captured on video.

In a random turn of conversation last night, J remembered that a Japanese firm had created a machine that would allow you to create your own dream. I googled and found a 2004 article on it. Read here. If you had the opportunity, would you pass up the chance to create your own dream? Think of all the possibilities!

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