Monday, 26 September 2011

F1 anyone?

Ye Yiqin

Over the weekend, the F1 fever was at its height. Eevn my mom was watching it on the telly. Me, I'm sorry to say I was never really into it. Watching a car lap circuits gets kind of boring after like 2 minutes, no? Wait, make that 1 instead. Yeah, I guess you could argue it's no worse than watching 11 grown men chase one ball around a grass field for 90 minutes. But soccer is just different, you know? Ok, moving on. 

Anyway, a friend of mine is a diehard F1 fan. Since F1 put the Singapore leg on the race calendar, he has been faithfully attending every year. We were whatsapp-ing, so I asked whether he took any good photos. I a reply along the lines of "Of course, a ton of photos!" - because hey, he's a fan right? But his answer: he was too seasoned to get any kick out of taking photos. He was at the premier grandstand for all 3 days of the races and he only took one photo - of the safety car, which you see above.

But it does make sense too. I guess there's an opportunity cost between fully enjoying the race day atmosphere and snapping some shots for posterity. Which way would you go?

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