Monday, 5 September 2011

Of wedding invitations and luck
Over the weekend, I was helping a friend fold invitations for her wedding next month. Her wedding is to be held at Pan Pacific, and the hotel provided stock cards in a choice of red, charcoal and white. For the more superstitious, the colour red is supposed to bring luck, while black is usually taboo.

Black was hands down the nicest and most elegant, but red has always been the preferred colour for Chinese weddings. She knew if she sent out the charcoal coloured invitations to the older generation, she would get flak for it. She told us how one of her now-married friends was forced to re-print her entire batch of wedding invitations because her mother thought the colour inappropriate.

She eventually settled for a combination of red and black - red for the more traditional family members and family friends, and black for her friends. In this day and age, isn't it interesting we still have to accommodate these beliefs in order to make our elders happy? Black wedding invitations - would you go there?

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