Thursday, 1 September 2011

What your shoes say about you

I bought this pair of green sandals over the Hari Raya weekend. I love the colour and fit so much I've been wearing them to death. I have more shoes than my fingers can count (most girls do, don't judge!) but I usually can't be budged from my boring but comfortable staple of Havaianas flip flops and sandals. I like the idea and look of high heels, but wearing them gives me painful feet so they're rather neglected most of the time. Same goes for covered shoes. They make my feet hot and give me blisters. ):

According to this article which interprets what your shoes say about you, this is my lot:

Thongs and flat sandals: Like to feel the breeze on your toes? You’re a thongs girl, who loves to keep things natural. “The only make-up you need is sunscreen,” says Meghan, although she feels the transition from poolside to all-occasion wear can go too far. Thongs show you have a relaxed “resort” attitude, living at an easy pace but, she warns, “If you wear them to work with a suit, it can give the wrong impression. Flats are the ideal compromise, suggests Kelsey.

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