Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Gloria Lee

Happy Halloween! Despite some of its perceived links to devil worship, the commercial appeal of Halloween is overwhelming. The recent furore over Night Safari's cancellation of this year's themed event notwithstanding, Halloween is getting to be pretty big in Singapore. Understandably so as well - in our landlocked island, who can resist a chance to do something different for a change? But from my point of view, if Halloween allows you a chance to bond and have fun with friends, then that is reason enough to celebrate the event.

In previous years, I had fun on the Halloween Party Bus, where buses were chartered to bring party-goers around different nightspots in Singapore. Everyone was in costume, but still ooh-ing and ahh-ing over everyone else's costumes which ranged from impressive originality to rented regalia. The entire night, everyone was smiling and snapping away with their cameras, requesting photo opportunities with random people. Friendliness was overbrimming and there were no strangers. With alcohol flowing through our veins, armed with cameras and sparklers and beside friends, it made for a night to remember. Nights, if you count the three years I attended.

This year, I wanted to attend the Halloween event at the Universal Studios Singapore, but the few I asked either thought the tickets were too expensive, or they didn't want to "pay to scare themselves". Pity, since there have been rave reviews, like the one I read here. Plus, the recent intermittent heavy rain had me reluctant to be more persuasive. Maybe next year! Hope you enjoyed your Halloween!

P/S: Btw, that's me above, trying on a latex mask when I wandered into Carrefour with Fysh the other day. It looks freakily real - rather like a zombified Marilyn Monroe don't you think?

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