Thursday, 20 October 2011


Ever since the news broke that the iPhone 4S would be released instead of the iPhone 5, I was devastated. Ok fine, not really. More like annoyed and a little disappointed. But ever since I saw these video of one of the new key features of the iPhone 4S - the digital personal assistant Siri, I've been mightily impressed, and I've been raving about it to anyone who'll listen.

In this other video, the following exchanges tickled me no end:

Guy: I need to hide a body.
Siri: What kind of place are you looking for? *Shows list: swamps/dumps/mines/metal foundries/reservoirs.

Guy: Will you marry me?
Siri: My End User Licensing Agreement does not cover marriage. My apologies.

Guy: Do you like it when I push your Home button?
Siri: I'd rather not say.

Impressed much? I was too, until a friend showed me this one about how a hapless Japanese user could not get Siri to understand him at all. His patience in answering Siri is commendable - others would probably have been hurling expletives from the third repeat.

It looks like there are some security issues as well. Apparently, Siri doesn't work all the time too.

Meanwhile, here's another video. This one's a parody of Siri by Mr. Brown. It's side-splittingly hilarious at some parts! A phone with a personality. What more could you ask for? That is - until you get one, then you'll wish for a phone that will just shut up when you talk to yourself through it.

And if you think about it, talking to a 'digital personal assistant' is rather like talking to yourself in the mirror. The conversation in the cartoon at the top seems a perfectly feasible one for Siri and an iPhone 4S owner, don't you think so?

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