Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Why only guys have to serve National Service

Sorry for the radio silence. Between 'Buaya Week' (which has just ended - I'll write about it when I have more time to breathe), being sick and a horrible deadline rush period, I was stretched right out.

Meanwhile, here's something for all you guys out there who have at one point or other complained of the unfairness of the system that calls only for Singaporean males to serve National Service. An excerpt from the discussion in a class I attended today which had the whole class laughing:-

Tutor: "Why do you think girls don't serve National Service?"

Classmate: "The birth rate in Singapore is already so low. If girls have to serve National Service, they will "waste" 2 years, which means 2 years of baby-making chances gone. Plus after they're done with army, they come back into society (pause) less feminine. (pause) Then who will want them?"

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