Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Boxing Boys

Over the weekend, I caught the Boxing Boys theatre performance. The synopsis was promising: "Breathtaking, entertaining and ultimately moving, Boxing Boys! stars real-life kickboxing champions, award-winning street dancers, sportsmen and martial arts experts – culled from nation-wide auditions in Thailand... Boxing Boys! is slated to take the audience on an exhilarating journey and experience the colourful life of a Thai kickboxer boxer. Witness the thrills and spills of a boisterous B-boy training to become a kickboxer so as to impress his feisty love interest. Catch the powerful fights between the kickboxers and their menacing opponents – in and outside the ring. Audience will be drawn into the moving storyline which sees sacrifices made, romance blossoms and friendship develops and watch as two men from completely different worlds learn about honour, love and what really keeps them rooted."

But all in all, it was a rather disappointing performance, especially given it was conceptualized and directed by the same director of 'Chang & Eng - The Musical'. Definitely not a show I would recommend (except if all you want is eye candy).

On an aside, I found it curious that quite a number of theatre-goers brought their children along. After all, there were sexual innuendoes scattered here and there, and plenty of topless guys (a la Chippendales) wearing nothing more than their boxers, who were at each other's throats most of the time. Understanding was not an issue, as the non-verbal performance is in the comedy/romance genre, but I thought the content interpretation was a tad unsuitable for 4-7 year olds.

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