Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Night Cycling

Gloria Lee

Gloria Lee

Gloria Lee

Have you ever been night cycling? Last week, I went on what possibly will be my last night cycling session in hall. We were cycling in the rain half the night (drat the monsoon season), but there was good food, fun company and almost non-stop laughter at each other's antics - partly contributed to by bicycles that needed serious maintenance and cycling skills that needed improvement. After the rest decided to call it a day, some of us continued on to the pier, where we did our stretching and relaxed beside people who were trying to fish. It was all very peaceful and nice, until the rain decided to come down again and it was a furious race back to McDonalds where everyone else was warm and cosy and enjoying their breakfast. Tiring, but memorable.

The only blight of the night - my poor camera got damaged. Everyone wanted to play around with it, but I'm the one stuck with the $250 repair bill and a memory card full of blurry photos that cannot be used. Not fun at all.

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