Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Automobile fashion

You would have thought that after Lady Gaga's meat dress, nothing in the fashion world could surprise you. Maybe this could, and more pleasantly too. The photos above are from the Lexus Fashion Workshop that appeared in the January 2012 issue of Vogue, where designers created pretty amazing outfits from the dismantled parts of a Lexus car.

Top left: headpiece created from a transmission starter and exhaust manifold gaskets.
Top right: jewellery made of valve lifters, crank bearings and hose clamps.
Bottom left: trench coat created from floor mats, sound-dampeners, leather seat cover, cargo covers and wire harnesses.
Bottom right: wedge shoes made from armrest leather trim, clear washer fluid plastic tubing and windshield wipers.

Cool, right? Guys, the next time your ladies are in need of some retail therapy, you better not stop them. Else they might very well strip your cars to make their own outfits.

Watch the video of the process below:

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