Friday, 24 February 2012

The Illusionists

It's the weekend! If you were contemplating watching The Illusionists - the 'magic show' billed to feature world class magicians, you may want to continue reading.

The introductory opening act was good. It set the tone for a great show. That's probably why it was so disappointing when the rest of the show failed to live up to the promise it held. Honestly, the show was a little lacklustre - many of the tricks performed by the illusionists were the usual tired suspects that two-bit magicians perform on the television variety programs or on YouTube every so often. The few that were not hardly lived up to their potential due either to sub-par choreography or a lack of showmanship on the part of the illusionists. For example, the escape artist act (one which most would have expected to be one climax of the show) was not as impressive as expected. In fact, it was even a bit anti-climatic when he finally emerged. I think most of the audience was admiring his dripping wet chiseled body rather than the amazing feat he just performed. I know I was. Oops.

To be fair, I sat through the performance with some skepticism because hey we are all smart enough to know it's not really magic right? Doesn't help that the name of the show (flashed onto the screen every few minutes or so) served as a constant niggling reminder that all you're seeing is nothing more than an illusion. But this being my first live magic show in a theatre, I expected to be wowed more, you know? I was also excited enough to buy A Reserve tickets, which did not come cheap at $135 each.

All said, the show was entertaining. But if you're looking to be seriously impressed, then these illusionists will leave you disillusioned.

P/s: The act which got the most laughter was by Michael Halvarson, alias The Trickster. In a video of a previous performance (below), he played the exact same trick on a member of the audience while wearing the same purple suit. In my show, the volunteer was a sporting gentleman (French I think), and Halvarson mischievously took more liberties with him. Among other things, the Trickster announced he found a packet of Viagra pills in the pocket of the thoroughly confused and amused gentleman and proceeded to divest him of his necktie, wrist watch and cigarettes without him noticing. It was cute. And kinda cool.


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