Monday, 5 March 2012

Surf like a smurf

I surfed for the first time at Wave House @ Sentosa. Tried to, anyway. Even though the FlowRider is the equivalent of the wading pool in a swimming complex, it didn't stop us from being thrown around like rag dolls. Which explains why most of our photos turned out to be of us with our butts in the water and legs in the air. Not cool, but we had so much fun (well, the VERY sore neck the following day wasn't that fun).

My friends managed to take this hilarious snapshot (top) of me "surfing" - doesn't it look like I'm dancing or ice-skating rather than surfing? We also had fun standing by the side watching the pro surfers do their thing. One of them even had a smiley face drawn (with sunblock!) onto his bare back. That should make for one cool tan.

Friday, 2 March 2012


Yup, that's me holding our tickets to Wicked. Only one word to describe the musical: awesomely wicked! Fine, that was two - you see, one adjective didn't quite cut it. The sets, lights, sound and costumes were awesomely elaborate works of art. The actors were talented (though the actor who played Fiyero did trip on his happily-ever-after exit mere moments before the curtains came down) and both the plot and script, with their themes of love, friendship, acceptance and forgiveness, were brimming with brilliance and wicked humour. No wonder it's a Broadway hit. I was even enchanted enough to splash out $70 for the 'Grimmerie' - an awesome book detailing what went on behind the scenes. Oops, can't seem to get enough of the word 'awesome'.

One of my favourite parts of the show was 'Defying Gravity'. It was mesmerizing and touching. See for yourself:

Do catch it if you haven't already. If you're not familiar with the story Wizard of Oz, do google it before you go because it'll only help you appreciate the show better. Get seats in the A Reserve if you want a good view. They don't come cheap at $168/pax (or $148/pax if you have four in your party like we did), but every penny is worth it. Aisle seats would also be a great idea if you don't want your view blocked more than half the time by the poofy hairdo of the lady seated in front of you. True story (cue imagination of the 9gag emoticon).

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Leap year

This year is a leap year, and since Feb 29 won't appear for another 4 years, I hope you had a good one. It seems like the additional day in leap years are the equivalent of adjustments in accounting (my forte isn't in accounting, so do correct me if I'm wrong). It is easy to forget that February is not a 'normal' month. Just think back to all the numerous April Fools messages/emails you received over the years informing you that so-and-so have had a shotgun marriage and want to invite you to their baby's first month party happening on February 30. My responses have ranged from "Right. Try harder," to a very eloquent "...".

On the bright side (depending on whether you like to think positive), Feb 29 appears to be a popular day for guys to pop the question. Those who do are decidedly honest about the reason: they only have to remember it once every four years! I have had guy friends who wanted to kick themselves for not setting their marriage dates on Feb 29 after realizing the convenience it would bring them. Bet they didn't know that in some countries, Feb 29 is a day for women to declare their affections. You can read more about leap year traditions here.

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