Thursday, 1 March 2012

Leap year

This year is a leap year, and since Feb 29 won't appear for another 4 years, I hope you had a good one. It seems like the additional day in leap years are the equivalent of adjustments in accounting (my forte isn't in accounting, so do correct me if I'm wrong). It is easy to forget that February is not a 'normal' month. Just think back to all the numerous April Fools messages/emails you received over the years informing you that so-and-so have had a shotgun marriage and want to invite you to their baby's first month party happening on February 30. My responses have ranged from "Right. Try harder," to a very eloquent "...".

On the bright side (depending on whether you like to think positive), Feb 29 appears to be a popular day for guys to pop the question. Those who do are decidedly honest about the reason: they only have to remember it once every four years! I have had guy friends who wanted to kick themselves for not setting their marriage dates on Feb 29 after realizing the convenience it would bring them. Bet they didn't know that in some countries, Feb 29 is a day for women to declare their affections. You can read more about leap year traditions here.

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