Monday, 5 March 2012

Surf like a smurf

I surfed for the first time at Wave House @ Sentosa. Tried to, anyway. Even though the FlowRider is the equivalent of the wading pool in a swimming complex, it didn't stop us from being thrown around like rag dolls. Which explains why most of our photos turned out to be of us with our butts in the water and legs in the air. Not cool, but we had so much fun (well, the VERY sore neck the following day wasn't that fun).

My friends managed to take this hilarious snapshot (top) of me "surfing" - doesn't it look like I'm dancing or ice-skating rather than surfing? We also had fun standing by the side watching the pro surfers do their thing. One of them even had a smiley face drawn (with sunblock!) onto his bare back. That should make for one cool tan.

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